Data Scientist

Purpose of the Job:

Directly support Ceres Power in the development of its solid oxide technology. Identify, develop and implement end-to-end applications of data science and machine learning techniques to optimise the operations of the Test Department. Extract insights and improvements in data quality from test stand data. Advance the continuous validation of fuel cell stack models used for product development.


Recruitment Summary: 

We are a world-leader in solid oxide technology with the aim of playing a central role in the global transition to clean, affordable energy to help tackle climate change and air pollution. We are looking for a highly-motivated Data Scientist to join a high-performing, fast paced and expanding test team. You will be directly responsible for identifying, developing and implementing data science and machine learning applications that optimise the operations of the Test Department. You will bring expertise and prior experience to extract insights and improvements in data quality from test stand data. The successful candidate for this position will have a keen eye for detail, have strong interpersonal skills and be capable of working under pressure to deliver on time.


Recruitment Brief – Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify, develop and implement end-to-end applications of data science and machine learning techniques to optimise the operations of the Test Department
  • Communicate project proposals, progress and reports to the Test Strategy Team Lead and other areas of the business
  • Extract insights from test data and pursue improvements in its value to the business
  • Develop predictive maintenance models for test infrastructure data in order to minimise component failures and ensure availability of critical infrastructure, thereby improving test stand uptime
  • Advance the continuous validation of analytical models used in the development of core technology
  • Collaborate with the Data Analysis and Business Systems teams to develop and maintain software tools and databases for data analysis and visualisation
  • Develop and proactively maintain live data models and visualisation tools

Person Specification/Core Competencies:

This section describes the personal characteristics and behaviours that you will be required to demonstrate and fulfil to successfully deliver in the above role.

Career Experience – this section highlights the experience previously gained through undertaking and delivering various projects, key duties, achievements and knowledge



  • At least 3 years’ experience developing and implementing machine learning tools in an engineering, product development or industrial environment
  • Experience in a relevant sector, such as electrochemical products, power generation or automotive

Education, Training & Skills – Degree, A Levels and professional qualifications including subjects studies

  • BSc or MSc in engineering, computer science or a related field
  • Certifications or qualifications in data science, artificial intelligence or machine learning topics

Strength, Talents, Abilities & Aptitudes – this section highlights the desired attributes that you will require to successfully deliver in this role

  • Knowledge and experience of Matlab and relational database languages, e.g. SQL
  • Excellent at producing complex data visualisations and presenting data intuitively
  • Clean and disciplined approach to coding, documentation and version control
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Knowledge and experience of Python
  • Experience of using cloud-based data and machine learning tools
  • Knowledge of Six Sigma statistical techniques and measurement uncertainty quantification



This role will be required to work flexible hours which may include occasional weekends.


Applications from candidates who are also fluent in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese or German are welcome, as well as from those who have experience of working or living within these countries and cultures.


Applications from candidates outside the UK will be considered. However, all offers of employment will be subject to meeting UK Right to Work legislation.


Closing date for applications:    28 February 2021