Principal Scientist - Thin Films

Purpose of the Job:

The chosen candidate will be leading and developing innovative thin film related chemistry, materials processing and deposition technology development to advance our “cutting-edge” energy materials development and processing, thereby supporting the development of metal supported solid oxide cells (SOC). This position requires a scientist with world class expertise on thin film technologies and solid experience in industry related to thin film based products. This unique position is for individuals who want to be challenged, have a passion for success, and a constant drive to exceed expectations.

  • Lead technical expertise for the team for thin film based chemistry, processing, deposition and characterisation for SOC technologies from concept to product launch.
  • Be a leader on the pitch to take on new ideas and concepts for the development of thin film features in SOC for next generation of technology
  • In particular, actively participate and provide scientific and technical expertise by
  • Be a trouble-shooter providing solutions to technical challenges faced in projects.
  • Communicate key information and recommendations to influence technical decisions and strategy.
  • Support the company’s in-house analytical characterisation and data analysis capabilities to ensure they are developed sufficiently and used and maintained effectively to meet materials characterisation requests.


Qualifications, Knowledge, and Experience:

In addition to a high level of professionalism and experience of industry driven projects, working in a multidisciplinary team, the following are:


  • PhD or Masters in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or related field.
  • Greater than 5 years of experience in industry related to thin film technology development
  • Scientific knowledge/understanding of some of the following: ceramics materials and processing, solution chemistry, organometallic chemistry, sol-gels and colloids.
  • Having experience with solution chemistry and organometallics is a plus
  • Experience with manufacturing processes: jetting, screen printing, PVD, solution formulation and manufacturing processes, other thin film deposition processes, ceramic sintering.
  • Experience with ink and thin film characterisation tools
  • Experience with some of the following materials characterisation techniques: SEM with EDS/WDX, XRD, PSD, STA/DTA, BET, dilatometry, FIB-SEM, XRF, ACIS/EIS, electrochemical testing, indentation and mechanical properties testing, 3D tomography, SIMS, ICP-MS.
  • Working knowledge of electro-ceramics, ceramic sintering, electrochemistry
  • candidate needs to demonstrate entrepreneurial and can-do attitude to meet the goals of a fast-paced technology development environment.
  • Experience in working with high volume ceramic manufacturing.
  • Expertise in 6-sigma/DoE techniques.
  • Demonstrable problem-solving skills


Highly desirable: 

  • Knowledge of Electrochemistry and fuel cells
  • Management skills

Internal and External Relationships:

  • Part of the Fuel Cell Development team.
  • Working in multi-disciplinary, cross function project team providing technical expertise on the cell materials technology with specific focus on materials science and processing.
  • Regular progress reporting to the technical management team and program management office.
  • Working with external experts to develop knowledge and capability in processes and characterisation methods.


We welcome applications from candidates who are also fluent in Korean, Mandarin, Chinese or German as well as from those who have experience of working or living within these countries and cultures.


Applications from candidates outside the UK will be considered.  However, all offers of employment will be subject to meeting UK Right-to-Work legislation.


Deadline for applications:  28 March 2021